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Live streaming of funeral service

Streaming service is designed to enable people who cannot attend a service view it online using their phones/tablets or computers. We offer Peace of mind when it comes to the recording and distribution of the final video file. Even if the church provides live-streaming service it usually only includes a single shot of the alter and its difficult to capture the essence of a funeral. We can include images/video messages,audio files to the live service,this makes the stream more personal to the family who may not be able to attend the service and like to be part of the day.We also offer 100% FREE downloading of full service after,this can be arranged at any point upto 21 days after the service ends. Our aim is to give the viewer the best seat in the house with out intruding on the sanctity of the funeral services.


We use the latest video capture and upload technology which means a very high quality live streaming anywhere in the world. All streams are also recorded and available to view any time any where in the world. We use the latest mobile power units so we don't rely on location power which can be cut without prior warning. In some locations we use PTZ cameras to insure a totally remote desecrate filming experience.


Links to any funeral can be public or private depending on the needs of the family. Unlike Church service that is public,mycondolances offers a private and secure film service that can be shared with only people you want to see the funeral.We keep all links public for 21days unless removal is requested earlier by family member.

Peace of mind

Offering a reliable service is our priority. Just let us handle all the technical bits. In areas where live-streams cannot be maintained upload of final video will happen in a very short turn around time, usually  90 minutes after service ends. All Funerals can be viewed after via the link page

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